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Tuleb vaid tqhq foorumist välja logida ja siis ükskõik kummas foorumis uuesti sisse logida. foorum : Kurvisõiduautod : EVO VIII for road & track  
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EVO VIII for road & track
Hi guys,

Here's my EVO VIII build for road and track.

My friend big EVO enthusiast imported it almost new from USA back in 2006 and always kept in a best shape, always stored in a private garage. I bought it in 2013 from him, did many great performance modifications, won FastLap championship in the Street class. Spent well over 30.000 EUR for all modifications alone to make car very fast, balanced and reliable.

Engine: 380 Hp, 520 Nm @ 1.5 bar with E98 fuel (with a very conservative & safe map) or 422 Hp, 552 Nm with E85 (for racing).

Engine & peripherals modifications:
- New engine short-block (2006 year version - the strongest OEM EVO block)
- Tomey Poncam 260 camshafts
- Evo 6.5 RS TME (10.5 cm²) ported (was an option, when bought new) turbocharger
- Tomei Expreme Turbo Outlet pipe and Downpipe
- Greddy intercooler kit
- Muse Motorsports upper intercooler piping kit
- SpoolinUp ignition COP kit
- RC Engineering 1000cc injectors
- HKS EVC VI boost controller
- AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump 50-1200

- Car is with all three bullet-proof mechanical differentials, no electronics and bullshit. Behaves more like RWD car because of very strong rear LSD, but overall traction and control is just unbelievable, especially on slippery conditions
- EVO IX RS gearbox (strongest one with the shortest ratios, ~220 km/h top speed) [price 2000 EUR]
- Ralliart Super Traction Front LSD [price 2100 EUR]
- Cusco Type RS Rear LSD 1.5 way [price 800 EUR]
- Quaife ATB Helical Central LSD [price 1100 EUR]
- Cusco/Exedy clutch disc with Exedy pressure plate

- Ohlins DFV coilovers with custom made springs made by WeAreDynamic [price 2500 EUR]
- Works camber plates
- Cusco adjustable rear sway bar

- Factory ABS removed
- Ralliart OEM brake cooling spoilers
- Alcon ClubSport 6-pot 343mm front & 4-pot 330mm big brake kit with all round Pagid RS29 brake pads. Unbelievable braking power and consistency, most expensive, but the best big brake kit made for real racing applications [price 6000 EUR]

Other stuff:
- Ganador all titanium exhaust system (-25 kg from stock) [1500 EUR]
- All aluminium EVO RS OEM roof (-6kg from top weight)
- EVO RS rear windscreen
- Cusco Carbon rear strut bar [price 1000 EUR]
- Lightweight motorsports battery relocated to the trunk with electronic kill switch
- HKS turbo timer
- JDM Evo IX rear bumper
- Front EDM Evo VIII headlights
- Rear EDM Evo IX tail lights

12.08.2015 at 21:20
EVO VIII for road & track
BTW, my best lap time on Auto24Ring track with this car running on E98 was 1:24.5
12.08.2015 at 21:23
EVO VIII for road & track
And this car is now for sale if someone is interested PM me.
19.08.2015 at 10:27 foorum : Kurvisõiduautod : EVO VIII for road & track  
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