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Oled juba tqhq foorumi kasutaja? Su kasutajatunnus ja salasõna kehtivad ka siin foorumis.
Tuleb vaid tqhq foorumist välja logida ja siis ükskõik kummas foorumis uuesti sisse logida. foorum : Eelseisvad üritused : NETA 2015  
Poster Message
NETA 2015
TimeattackNU Sweden, Finland, and Fast Lap Lithuania welcome all drivers to the North European Time Attack championship, NETA!

Event calendar:
Finland, Midsummer Festival Kemora 19.6.
Estonia, Fast Lap, Pärnu Auto24Ring, 11.7.
Sweden, Timeattack Festival, Mantorp 2.8.

As a collaboration of these northern European organizers, the NETA championship is an easy step for the drivers to go international.
Intense championship premiers in Kemora, – midsummer festival event, in late June. Along with the race, the midsummer festival offers bands, shows and other activities right next to the race track.
Season continues after a very short break, in resort city of Pärnu, the pearl of the Baltic sea. Brand new track with its modern facilities offer a picturesque background for the race. Adaptation on “Auto24Ring” track fresh asphalt will be crucial, as the Baltic time attackers will bring their big guns – not a walk in the park for the Scandinavian guys.

Winners of the championship will be found out in the season finale, in Mantorp. – race will have TV coverage, and it will collect the fastest cars from the whole of Scandinavia, now reinforced with the NETA teams from the Baltics.

Arrangement in races
NETA drivers will compete in each event just as they would drive in the local race, and drive along with the local classes. NETA-classes don’t have separate track time.
NETA drivers will get championship points in their reciprocal order. NETA driver will get NETA championship points regardless of his placing within the local drivers.

At NETA, two classes are driven.

Unlimited on full racing slick tyres. Only safety regulations apply, and therefore car needs to meet national safety regulations sanctioned by, or Fastlap. Cars that fulfill regulations of Unlimited class in Finland, Pro Extreme in Sweden, or Fast Lap Pro-class, but want drive with slicks, will be allowed to enter this class.

Pro Street is for cars driving on DOT/E-semislicks. If Your car fulfills Modified class regulations in finland, Pro Street class in Sweden, or Pro-class in Lithuania, You will be allowed to enter this class.

Entry fee
Entry fee for the NETA championship is 200eur per vehicle. Entry fee is collected by the host of Your local event. NETA entry fee does not include entry fee for the domestic race. Local entry fee will be added accordingly.

Participation to foreign events is free of charge for NETA participants. Free entry also includes possible practice session, but does not include charges carried by the circuit, such as camping and electricity charges.

Entry fee includes one driver, three technicians and a crew chief for every race. Extra staff and quest tickets and bracelets are required to be purchased from each event organizer separately, and will be prized according to local price lists.

All entrants must registrate to NETA championship, by sending the entry form via email to Teppo Laukkanen.
Entry fee must be paid to the domestic sanctioning body ( in Finland, in Sweden, Fastlap in Lithuania). Account numbers are found in the registration form.

“Early bird” discount
Entrants that pay the entry fee by 10th of June 2015, get 50% discount. Therefore early bird entry fee is 100eur.

Scorekeeping organization is responsible for scorekeeping. Participants will get championship points according to Timeattack Finland points table.

Both, qualifying and superlap gain championship points.
The driver who collects most points in each class, wins the championship. Champions will be awarded, and they are allowed to use the title of North European Time Attack champion.

Time attack as sport
Time attack is a form of circuit racing, where the fastest lap time counts. Drivers compete against the clock, not directly against each other.

Regulations are very open. Because of this, fastest time attack cars outperform modern GT3-racers, even those driven by professional drivers. It is not uncommon to see a time attack racer to produce over 1000 horsepower.

In NETA, two classes are driven. Unlimited, with slick tyres, and Pro Street with street-approved semi slicks. Very little technical limitations take place, only strict safety regulations apply.

Organizers in brief has gathered Sweden’s fastest Time Attack cars since 2012. This season TAnu-championship has over 100 entrants and a TV-contract on Viasat Motor. welcomes the Northern European elite to Mantorp Park Time Attack Festival in 2nd of August. is the oldest and the biggest track day in Finland. has been a host of track days since 1997, and time attack races since 2008. Finnish time attack championship is on a very high level. All saloon car lap time records in Finland are driven with a time attack unlimited racecar.

Fast Lap
Fast Lap is a very popular trackday event, that visits tracks in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and even in Finland. In Fast Lap, drivers are not allowed to drive with slicks, and this will attract the fastest Baltic teams to participate in NETA. Whispers at the paddock are heard, and there may be strong contenders from Lithuania, taking a claim of NETA crown.

NETA – ETAC collaboration
NETA and European Time Attack Challenge have agreed of co-operation. As a prime example of international communication between time attack organizers, and the growth of time attack as a serious form of motorsport, NETA championship winners in both classes will get free entry to the ETAC-event in TT-Circuit Assen, Holland, this September.

At the same time, class winners of ETAC will get free entry to NETA championship and events in 2016.

For more info, news and gossips, visit:

26.05.2015 at 17:38 foorum : Eelseisvad üritused : NETA 2015  
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